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Nashville 2021 Memorial Day Weekend

Nashville Memorial Day Weekend Military Tournament

May 27-30, 2021 -- Nashville, TN

Ford Ice Center - Antioch

Ford Ice Center - Antioch


This is the first (hopefully annual) Memorial Day Weekend tournament held by Armed Services Hockey in Nashville. We currently have 32 military teams registered for this event - nearly 450 military hockey players from around the country (and even a team from Aviano Air Base!). ASHA is a 501c3 IRS-approved charity, registered as an international amateur sports association.


1 FEB 2021
Team registration opens for all teams.


Register at this link:


1 FEB 2021
Individual registration opens for all players without a team.


Players interested in this tournament, but who don't already have a team to play with - register here:

Entry Fee



$500 non-refundable deposit due 1 APR - failure to pay the deposit by that time will result in your team being moved to the bottom of the waitlist


Payment-in-full due by 1 MAY - failure to pay in full by that date will result in immediate removal of your team from the tournament


Individually registered players (those without a team) will coordinate with their assigned team for payment.


6 Team pools for first 2 games


7 playoff divisions from those initial pools for next 2 games


Top 2 teams in each playoff division move on to division championship


4 games guaranteed to all teams

Each team is guaranteed 4 games. Teams that reach their division's championship will play in a 5th game.  Teams register for one of five divisions and are placed into one of six pools, based on their registration level combined with the average level of their registered players.  After 2 games of pool play, teams are distributed among seven divisions, based on power rankings (win/loss, head-to-head, goals for, etc).  The top two teams in each division after two more games move on to the championship for that division.

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Want to participate in military hockey? Become a  sponsor for Armed Services Hockey Association (ASHA) and support our military heroes. All sponsorships are tax deductible - ASHA is an IRS-approved 501c3 public charity.