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ASHA Tournament Championship Banner

By David Morgan 06/15/2022, 1:33pm PDT

Has your team won an ASHA tournament championship in the last few years and some have fought over who got to keep the Championship Banner?

We just came to an agreement with our banner vendor on getting more of these from past tournaments for anyone who wants one.  They will be $55.00 USD per banner plus shipping.  You can get your team name added to it at no cost!

If there is interest in this, I will have them up on the swag store website this week.


Armed Service Hockey Association Flickr Sharing Group

By David Morgan 06/04/2022, 9:26pm PDT

Our new photo sharing site is ready! We chose to go with Flickr, since many of you likely already have accounts there. Here is our Flickr sharing group -- join and share your photos and videos from any ASHA tournament. If you know which tournament/year it is from, which team(s) is/are in the shot, and even which player(s) is/are in the shot, TAG it!

Accounts at Flickr are FREE -- create an account and upload your photos at our group site to share with everyone in our military hockey family!


Welcome back from Austin! Anyone who took photos of the Memorial Day Tournament in Austin -- we want to try to gather all the photos and short videos and get them online for everyone --- we just created a PRO account at Flickr and will be hosting all our photos there under a single just trying to figure out how to get everyone's photos into there...

Let us know if you have photos to share!


2022 Austin Tournament - DESERT STORM Division Championship

By David Morgan 05/28/2022, 8:21pm PDT

Congratulations to Offutt Marauders and Patriots Hockey for making it to the DESERT STORM championship game tomorrow at 9:30 AM CDT!


2022 Austin Tournament - Noble Eagle Division Championship

By David Morgan 05/28/2022, 7:15pm PDT

Congratulations to Aviano Ice Dragons and Tampa Warriors for making it to the NOBLE EAGLE championship game tomorrow at 8:00 AM CDT!


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