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2022 Memorial Day Weekend Tournament - Round 1 Pools and Schedule

By David Morgan, 05/07/22, 11:54AM PDT


Memorial Day Weekend Tournament in Austin TX -- Round 1 pools and schedule have been completed and are now posted to the website!

Notice that this is a compressed format tournament -- meaning you will play twice on Friday and twice on Saturday -- with generally around 4 hours between game start times.  That leaves everyone time to sleep in each morning and we are done with games by 7:00PM each day so you can head to the bars in town or do other things with family and/or teammates.

Also, please don't be too concerned about the division your team was placed in -- this is a small tournament (for us, at least) and all teams have been placed in the best possible seeding to maintain competitiveness.  Many teams that are often really strong are not bringing the same players...


Armed Services Hockey -- 2022 Memorial Day Weekend  -- Game Schedule

Click here for Round 1 games schedule